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Pledge now to provide funding that will help AltaMed patients and local community members in need

About AltaMed Gives

AltaMed believes that through collaboration and support, we can improve the quality of health and living in our communities.

AltaMed Gives, our employee giving program, combines the collective efforts of our workforce to raise funds that directly impact our patients. Our dedicated employees are committed to our mission of providing quality health and human services to those in need. We care about the community because we are the community. We believe we all deserve to live healthy, safe lives in our homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

We accomplish this work in different ways: our immediate needs fund, employee proposals, and areas of greatest need that directly address the changing needs of our community. Our commitment to our patients’ health and wellbeing goes beyond the exam room. We adapt and help our community members through the increasingly difficult and complex situations they face every day. We want to ensure that these problems are addressed not just when they walk through our doors, but when they walk out of them too.

How to Get Involved

Make a donation and 100% goes towards supporting our mission and giving back to the patients/participants we care for every day.

Pledge Now

Request support for patients/participants who do not have the resources to satisfy basic needs affecting their health and well-being. (AltaMed employees and their immediate family are not eligible to apply.)

Request Funds

Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your community and directly help those in need. We have many opportunities throughout the year that are open to you, your friends and loved ones.

Join Our Team

The Gives Committee and the Gives Ambassador Program are two ways to get more directly involved as a leader in our program and community.

Become A Leader

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Testimonial Quotes

“I give because often patients need more than just medical care. Sometimes they need essential living things such as adequate housing, food, and shelter, that affects their health.”

Dr. Jorge Galdamez

“It’s not about the amount you give. You don’t have to feel like ‘I can only do a dollar’ because every little bit counts and every dollar we give adds up.”

Christina Castillo

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